Mulching the oak bank beds

overview oakI want more mulch, I want more mulch.  There was pouting in the garden today. I’m about eight sacks short of a complete garden design here.

You can see the gorgeous dark mulch which I have put on the first of the three narrow beds here on the oak bank.  The soil is poor.

That’s an understatement. It’s barely better than sand.  Over rock. And I’m determined to keep the weeds away from the transplanted and just sown eragrostis grasses and gaura.

I managed to do one thick layer on the first bed and just a bit on the second.  When you look down on the terrace you can see what is missing.  The top part of the garden looks very, very messy and poorly designed.  Mulch will do that.oak bank mulch

It completes the picture.

Now that spring has arrived I can see that I’m going to have a bit of trouble with the strips in between these thin beds.  But every time the mower comes out, I haul out the Ikea sacks and collect every grass clipping I can get my hands on.  And pack it down between the garden beds.

But I’m willing to accept that the fork might come out next month and I’ll have to dig up the grass that is growing in between the narrow beds to keep down the grassy competition.