Garden mulch

Oh, there you are. It has been a while.

I’ve been on a holiday. Airports, flights, visits.  The visits were the best bit.  Not a fan of flights.

But even though the gardener goes on holiday, there is never an off switch. Behold the sight that greeted Sarah and me when we walked around her local park.

IMG_5422A mulch pile! The local crews were cutting back the cedar and pine branches in the vast park. And it’s a help yourself source for anyone who fancies it.

Oh that Minneapolis garden crews would come over to my part of rural France.

You would have been proud of us: we leapt into action. We drove to Ikea to buy ten of those fantastic large storage bags, nipped back home to get snow shovels, backed the vehicle right up to the pile and got stuck in.

And then it was a quick twinkle home to get all this fantastic mulch around Sarah’s paths, her raised beds, and we even mulched her hydrangea beds and smothered any potential weeds that might have thought to stick their heads up out of the soil.


The temperature was still parky, but this is the time of year when you turn your head and suddenly discover it is spring.

For a mad moment I tried to suggest to Sarah we go back the next day and get another ten sacks of mulch. But we had other plans.  Sarah has a cooking show on You Tube (Sarah’s Real Food Kitchen); and in about a month’s time I get to feature in the rose petal syrup slot.  Fame! Glory! A true Fifteen Minutes of Fame (is that why You Tube is limited to 15 minute films? Andy Warhol homage?)  I will let you know when it is posted.

In the meantime…. counting the days until I can get back home to the farm.