The London garden in spring

London garden

Here’s something you rarely ever see. My other garden. Which could be like having a mistress. Or another husband were I polygamist. Of if you are a really busy gardener, another space that needs nurturing when I have the time.


It is a woodland garden as there are just so many humongous trees here in Hampstead to shade out most things in summer.


I’ll just climb to the top of the house and snap a shot from the roof so you can look down.


Bulbs galore. Most planted by Kevin, but I went a bit muscari mad last autumn. And of course there were some leftover Thalia narcissus which were shoved into pots.


And extra mystery daffs.

I have vases of flowers all over the house and that pleases me no end.


The raised beds are not well planted – I have strawberries and a jostaberry. But I must confess that as I am away so long in summer, I just don’t plant a lot of veg. But there is rhubarb and gooseberries that foil the many birds.

And also another garden at the front of the house which is chock full of bulbs.

IMG_5492Pause. How on earth have I managed to take a picture of the front garden that doesn’t show any of the spring colour?  I’m losing it.

Have a close up of the hellebores instead. Hmm, and dying fronds from a fern in the bottom of the shot. And a plastic compost bin. You can’t say I don’t spoil you.


At least I swept all the dying camellia flowers off the paths.  I must confess that I’m not a fan. Pretty on the shrub. But they die as badly as white lilac. All bruised and ailing and then dramatically falling. Unless you have possums which eat the buds before they flower.  And then you wouldn’t moan about the endless sweeping.