Frankly, sowing off

letuuce beginSeed sowing bliss.  I have had hours of doing the good spring stuff: sowing all my brassicas (including some wacky kales) the tomatoes,  chards, spinach, lettuce, rocket, basil and flowers for the potager.

Red ursa kale, east fresian kale, true Siberian, sutherland, black tuscan. It is a positively poetic list.

And my tomatoes are just as fun: Caro rich, orange banana, big white pink stripe, aunt ruby’s german green, stupice and flamme. I ordered those from an American website as they were recommended by an Australian gardener who works in England. As you do. heaven

My brassica bed is enormous – well that’s the plan. Summer sprouting broccoli, three varieties of cabbage – duncan, flower of spring and greyhound. Some new ones – calabrese two types, kailaan, a Chinese perennial one and brokali.

The chard repertoire has exanded way beyond bright lights: this year I have golden chard, pink passion, and the perpetual plain.

And just in case you think I’m breaking my rules about tomato sowing, I only sowed four seeds of each. Yes just four. Restraint is the order of the day this sowing season. And I worked assiduously off my design chart.  So I didn’t over sow too many of anything as there isn’t the room.

broad beans and peasFor deer control I have gone a bit mad on different cosmos varieties. I plan to sow them around the edges of each bed as a barrier.  Deer don’t seem to like the taste.  Fizzy fizzy, double click cranberry, rose bonbon, antiquity, bonbon snow puff, brightness red and colaretee improved.They sound very tasty to me.

I even made time to sow some Australian eucalyptus seeds, and zinnias in their own separate pots, and I could go on and on,  but, frankly, it’s just showing off.

All in all a great day. Even if it was drizzly and cool all day.

And just to round things off, I drove early to town to buy fresh bread (still warm from the ovens), go to the butchers and the bank. And still get back before Official Breakfast Time.