Extreme flower arranging

front door foliageTo get this rather blah display of foliage at the front door we cut down a tree.

And I know how radical that sounds. But this unknown tree has been bothering me for seven years now.  We have a steepish top terrace that is vast in size; and has some rather handsome specimen trees: pines, oaks, apples, chestnuts, ash.

And this one. Planted right in front of the ash which is right in front of the oak. I have no idea if anyone did this on purpose. They must have been doolally at the time. tree cut down

And the tree has a rather unfortunate habit. It suckers everywhere. A relentless and annoying feature of any tree in a parkland setting.

It does have fetching autumn foliage. That was what stayed the execution for so many years. But once I had harvested enough for this week’s flower displays, the tree had to go.

suckersI just don’t strim here often enough to keep the suckers under control.  But I will give everything a good tidy once I come back from the market tomorrow.  I have heaps of branches for chipping so it won’t go to waste.

It would be logical to cut down the ash as well as it is impeding the mighty oak behind. But I need to appease the tree gods first by planting a few more replacement trees. Cherries I think.