A lady of leisure

Artur contemplating end of seasonThis doesn’t happen often.  One good thing about Artur being super friendly is he makes me sit down and just stay still.

I had been strimming madly all day getting the weeds down and tamed.  I get into a bit of a zone when I’m strimming. I have my ear protectors on, listen to something improving on my mp3 and generally just work my way along hedges and down steps.

I was plodding away down the back steps behind the pool and working away at the grasses on the edges.

And if I had looked up earlier I would have noticed a rather upset snake on the decking. snake in pool

He was vexed by the sound. And my sudden appearance. The poor thing slithered on the pool cover and eventually escaped. Underneath.

I had this dread thought that he was going to drown in the pool after exhuasting himself in panic.

So once my major strimming session was over, I gingerly opened up the pool, poised to hook out an exhausted snake.

But he had managed to get out on his own thank goodness. And Artur took that opportunity to come racing over from the duck pond and demand a bit of sun lounge action.

And it was glorious. September really is my favourite month. The light is special, the weather is still good, and things are just starting to slow down.  But the entire farm needs a good strim and mow first.  But Artur refused to let me get up. So I have put the major mowing off for another day.