Exploding pods

wisteria-and-shutters.JPGNow if I weren’t sitting directly underneath the wisteria I wouldn’t have experienced the most amazing event. Painting shutters while hanging off a ladder is risky enough, but not without having the half foot long seed pods explode with violence and rain down in the sunshine. I’ve never seen that before; the sun and the early spring seem to have the sap rising everywhere. The long pods have left the mother tree with such force and drama. At first I had no idea what the cracking noise was – except they kept falling on me. And more explosions punctuated the rest of the afternoon. Amazing.wisteria-seed-pods.JPG

I now have all the planters painted. And I think I’m going to dig up those innocent looking dead mint sticks below the planter because I’m sure there are dormant mint roots just waiting to burst into life. If I dig them up, bring them indoors to some warmth; I may have some early mint for my lamb chops.

I’ve decided to move the monster rosemary bush – must consult Nicolas to see if I’m too late (some little flowers on the plant already up to the herb garden). I need to bring yet more soil down first.