A shop fest

Naughty, naughty, naughty. Had a bit of a session this afternoon. Thyme plants, strawberry plants, a white currant bush, sage plants. Another planter. And all of this was nothing compared to the self-control in not buying an apricot tree. I circled the section, studied the form, and looked at the ones best pruned. Yearned, ached. And eventually walked away. November is the month to get trees off to a good start here and I really must heed the advice. We had a day of Michel the tree surgeon working on some trees (i.e. cutting them down) and he is full of wonderful advice. So he was the stern voice of warning in my head as I reached in and almost bought a tree. Wouldn’t it be wonderful of have apricots in our orchard? Absolutely. But I must wait.

But the sage, strawberries and the thyme are already in the ground. More gardening at dusk. I almost had a rush of blood to the head and uprooted the monster rosemary bush; I made the bed in the first herb garden for where I want it to go. But it really is a careful daylight job. I need to prune it rather radically after I have (successfully) transplanted it. Not something I would have thought of being an eejit ignoramus. But luckily with Michel on the one side offering tree advice, Nicolas came by to talk over the wall work, and threw out this gem of knowledge as he was heading off to the doctors. Badly healing mangled digit finger is not conducive to being a productive worker.