Another sensible green

The planter pots are done. I found that the Farrow and Ball Saxon green is spookily similar to the half used pot of Farrow and Ball Sutcliffe green paint that was left over from the sale of our house in Primrose Hill. I needed a tiny bit to touch up the skirting boards in the kitchen before the house sale; and couldn’t bear to lose the rest of the paint. I stuck it out at the allotment shed and promptly forgot about it for a year. Good thing it wasn’t a hot summer, the paint would have cooked in that little shed. But I retrieved it thinking it might do for something. And lo and behold it now features as our signature colour for the courtyard. Another sensible green.

I’m rather pleased. And think the effect of all the colour a bit more glam and a bit less utilitarian Ardeche farm.

I took the time to clean up the potting shed so it could grace a photograph. new-potting-shed.JPGSo fun to be neat and tidy. It won last. And we must get the floor sorted. Those old pallets that I am using as a floor were from the shed’s original incarnation chook shed. They are going to get whiffy when it heats up.

I managed to scrounge a few from the building jobs of the roofing and the pool work. But Bernard is using them as a carpenter’s bench on the first floor of the gite at the moment. Wish I could wave my magic wand and get more projects done up there. The carpentry projects are stacking up somewhat.