Cosmos catch up

cosmos hedgeOh, we are back are we? I was starting to wonder.   Life has just oozed by.   House guests, other chores.   And suddenly I find it’s more than a week since I wrote.   I haven’t been able to do more than an hour or so each day in the garden.   But I must catch up.

Here is my wonderful comsos hedge.   It’s the perfect distraction. I can walk down to the potager in search of basil for the tomato salad for dinner, and spend a happy ten minutes snipping off the dead petals and generally tidying it up.

If I dare to look further in the potager I see weeding to do, plants to attend to and some nurturing needed.   But I barely get beyond a quick water every now and then.   And picking beans.   I am so out of the loop that I even forgot to photograph the huge haul of beans I picked for dinner last night. eggplant

 But I did manage to snap the aubergine pickles that I spent the afternoon making.   It’s a bit of a long process as you have to cook the sliced veg in red wine vinegar first, drain it, and then fill the jars with olive oil, garlic and herbs.

Herbs from the garden, and the garlic.   But the aubergines came from Luc in Silhac as I haven’t grown any this year.

Oh, and I made six pots of plum jam.   These were looted from the huge trees at Lynn and Jeff’s.   I must go and get more today when I go over to strim.   But I want to taste them first. They aren’t juicy delicious eaters off the tree.