Pollock lives

steps to poolI was listening to a great arts programme on Jackson Pollock as I was strimming paths this morning. And I thought: I’m a walking Pollock work of art.   I am decoratively spattered with bits of green, hints of pink and good happy dollops of yellow flowers and goo.

Shame I can’t put my moleskins and t shirt up for auction and rake in Pollock-ian squillions. east garden wildflowers

But I do have the satisfaction of some lovely cleared bits of land.

I started with steps down to the pool. This was where I picked up the goo.   I managed to strim some random mirabelle plums that were lurking in the long grass on the steps.   I next moved on to Alice’s path below the pottings shed, down the back steps and then was tempted to ‘do’ the duck pond area.   But I had to focus on the areas closer to the house.

above courtyardSo up to the guest house to do outside the top French windows, then along the huge spare bit if garden (if you are feeling optimistic) above the courtyard.   This is going to be an exciting future area to plant up: not not just yet.   I have visions of a mass planting of santolina. But I have to grow the plants first. walnut path rocks

The walnut path had a haircut, and I even ventured into the bits on the rocks above.   I am trying not to trim the thyme plants. We are having a bumper year of gorgeous pink thyme; but if I have to trim the brambles sneaking through, then pink flowers got in the way.

thyme east gardenA brief pause for a refill (fuel for the strimmer, tea for me) and then to the east garden.

I’m being selective in my electronic weeding here. Off with the yellow flowering heads, keep all the gorgeous thyme in place. I could mow, but I don’t want to do anything to ruin this fantastic display. thyme close up

I then hacked into the lush growth of the steep bank below the fig trees, and generally covered myself liberally in mess.   It’s wonderful juicy fun.   The petrol ran out before I gave it a mighty trim, but at least it is tamed.

A quick rake of the huge pile of cuttings, and then indoors for more housework. A great morning’s toil.