Back to the future

erag growingBreak open the bubbly, I’ve delivered my latest research report. One month of slog, hidden away from the summer sun.

So now it’s all hands to the garden and let’s have some fun.

Well, I’m not sure everyone would call mowing fun. But any chance to be outdoors and active is fine by me.

Once I had hit ‘send’ on the last document and done a small jig around my very cluttered office (can’t wait to pull down the charts, notes, post it note, maps and lists from the walls) I went up to the potting shed. artur on lap

Artur was waiting patiently for me.  Well, he was snoozing nearby and I woke him up.  But we had a lovely reunion along the lines of ‘so you are going to pay more attention to me, now?’.

I obliged.

And then cleaned, tidied, sorted pots, and generally fussed about like all good gardeners.

pink passion chardI pricked out some pink passion chard which I had grown from seed a few weeks ago. And moved most of the eragrostis grasses into the sunnier side of the staging tables.

I’m all set for the morrow. I can’t wait to mow.