Along the jungle path

bean forestWith a skip on my step, I trotted down to the potager just after breakfast wielding secateurs, thick gloves and a big grin.

I don’t think I have been into the potager for a month; beyond harvesting. So there was plenty waiting for me.

Where on earth to start? With the first row you come to – the beans.  And my what a jungle this is.

My aim was to get through the path that separates the beds. But it was a bit of a struggle. A lush jungle of beans were waiting for me.

And despite my determination just to weed, I had to harvest just the plants that were flopping onto the gravel. mini harvest

Kilos!  What a bumper amount. I didn’t dare harvest any more as I just didn’t plan on processing these mighty greens today.

Maybe we will just have a huge salad nicoise tonight that will be more bean than salad.

It actually rained early this morning (8mm) so I’m still waiting for the grass to dry a bit before I mow.  But in the meantime I just powered on with the weeding.

edge of potagerThe dreaded corner of the potager is a forest of brambles and spiky echinops and a lot of unwanted weeds. I just had to wade in and snip carefully to find where the brambles started.  Most grow out of the rock walls which makes it tricky to weed.

But the pile of unwanted vegetation is growing, as is my third compost heap.

After lunch I will try and weed the top quadrants of the vegetable beds.  There are seventeen in total so heaps for me to do.

Happy days.