A new bed

Why on earth I chose to dig over a new garden bed in the heat of the day, I don’t know.   It was a crazy thing to do.   And I have the headache now to prove it.   But rain is forecast tomorrow, so I was urging myself on to get this new part of the garden weeded and turned over in time.

This is a blank bit of ground directly in front of the house.   There are lots of narcissus Thalia in spring, but after that, just grass. But that’s generous, it’s mostly weeds. It is long and skinny and dry as can be.

So with two different forks I set to work.   Stones galore, quite a few meaty rocks, and plenty of brambles and weeds to bind everything together. This is where I want to plant my favourite triumvirate: eragrostis grass, gaura and verbena bonariensis.

I have heaps and heaps of little plants just waiting to get into the ground and really grow.   But I have one more day to wait until I can get this sorted out.   I did have four sacks of compost to add to this dry as dust area. It had plenty of builder’s rubble left over from when the terrace above was built too.   And I ought to add a few more compost sacks to complete the picture.   Next week.