A little light wall work

weeding calabert rocksI didn’t wake up this morning and think, hmmm, I think I’ll repair a 10 metre (30 foot) wall.

But that is what I ended up doing.

This was a project I never finished this summer. I started out landscaping the area. Which is a poncy word for pulling weeds off rocks.

It’s my interminable task.  And as the shape of the area was revealed I realised that it was a terrace once.  And could be again.weeded bank

But I only came back to it this week. It links the garden rather nicely from the barn all the way to the shade garden. So it’s worth doing well.

I’ve yanked out some of the weeds. And dug out the brambles.  The soil is piled up on the terrace above where the hornbeams are growing.

wall buildingI’ll have to think about what to plant later.

But actually I think one more row of hornbeams could do the trick. It’s just a matter of seeing what depth of soil I have over the granite.

I’ve spent ages in blazing early autumn sunshine levering rocks out with a fork.

And now I get to build the wall.  Luckily half of the old wall is in place, so I have a guide. But I foresee a lot of back aching work to complete the picture.

artur snoozingMaybe I ought to take a leaf out of Artur’s book and doze with my head on the eragrostis seeds in the potting shed.

I’m so pleased to have him back as a friend I don’t dare castigate him for willful seedling destruction.