The electronic silence

lcoatedTwo whole days. That was the extent of my internet and telephonic silence. And golly it was painful. It is a very salutory experience to realise that living on an isolated mountain top in rural France is really, really far from the world when you cannot have the internet.

Naturally it wasn’t just routine maintenance. It was a flood.

Yes, those of you who lived through last year’s Episode Cevenol will be surprised (as we were) to have another once in fifty year flood for the second autumn in a row.

We had a three day storm with seven inches of rain falling on Thursday night and almost two on Friday night. Add to that thunder and lightning most of the day and night you will understand that Sleep Deprived was my phrase of the day.

Plus anxiety about Artur. And will the defences hold. rill damage 1

The good news on both fronts is that Artur just stayed in the potting shed hidden under layers of security blankets. And our huge culverts up in the forest worked brilliantly.

They were all flowing with rushing flood waters. As were the trenches along the sides of the roads and the drains.

rill damageA bit of the courtyard went down the road. But when you think about last year, it’s a gnat’s amount of annoyance.

All I need to do now is try and find some time to fill you in on all the days of silence.  But first I’m out the door to visit Artur who is almost friends again. It took a biblical flood for him to realise that humans of the lap and head scratching variety aren’t all bad.