potager 10 april 2011This is my current background wallpaper picture on my laptop.   Beautiful blue sky and not a weed in place in the vegetable garden. Hah, that won’t last.

And I seem to have way too many cloches all over the place.   But that’s to deer proof the baby crops underneath.   At least I have now given them a more transparent netting.   This autumn if all goes well I think it will be time to plant the beech hedge. And put up a picket fence. potager and lawn

In the meantime the barrier between the vegetable garden and the pool is a big blank.   Some of the verbenas are alive and putting on growth, but they don’t really get going until mid summer. Way too late to do any good.

walls pool garden aprilI could have added this shot of the walls on the pool garden bank.   They are looking healthy in among the not too high grass.   Don’t you love spring? You still feel in control.

And in a few years from now, this view of my new calabert garden might have a bit of height.   Those cistus, lavenders and santolinas might take off and give a lot of interest to this part of the garden. view of calabert from lawn