Terrace trimming

The horses have done their work on the lower terraces.   Now it was the turn of the strimmer. I have limited myself to just a small terrace a day, or a petrol tank of fuel.   I tackled one of the most annoying steep terraces and finished it in half a tank. strimmed lower terrace april

So ignoring my strict rule of only doing one terrace at a time, I ducked up to the first terrace and started in on the juicy vinca and stinging nettles that take up residence on the steep slope.

strimmed first terrace aprilIt’s refreshingly green and lush getting covered in nettle goo, and so satisfying to know that I have halted their progress ever so briefly. But it was a shame I chose to put on my nicest work shirt this morning. I really ought to have kept on yesterday’s grubby one and sacrificed it to the nettle muck. Ah well, one lives and learns. Or tries to remember from year to year just what to do. lawn mowers and lawn cuttings

The cherries are blooming like mad, but this warm weather means that we are going to have a short season before the flowers are over and hopefully the fruit will set.   It puts a big burden on the bee colony to get round to the pollinating of all the trees on the farm.

detail of apricot blossomMy apricot is rather fetching in the orchard, and the apple blossoms are just starting to come out too.

And as I walked up in the heat to the house to return the now empty strimmer I couldn’t help but admire the east lawn area.   The cherry is looking more alive up on the level with the top road.   It’s one of the juiciest fruit in the whole group, but had a poor crop last year.   I was even thinking it was terminally ailing.   It might still be.   But here’s hoping it gives us some fruit this year. east garden april trees

cherry above east gardenThe quinces are fine, and I can even see some new little plants that have appeared on the top of the bank. They will need digging up and giving away next autumn. Or I could reposition some of the little trees on the flat. Gardening on the flat? Fancy that.