Pretty plans

And here it is: didn’t take as long as I feared. And it was so much fun. I suspect I have gone a bit wonky down by the olive trees below the house. But I suspect I won’t be so fussy as to go back and obsessively remeasure. The east garden didn’t fit onto the page, so it has to be relegated to the next sheet. It looks rather long and thin. But at least it all shows potential.

I was going to go out to the photocopy shop to get it reduced and remove that dodgy line down the right hand side of the house. But it is teeming down and I am reluctant to get wet.

Yesterday’s long trip up and down to Newcastle produced more results. Here is my first draft of the shade garden planting scheme.

Sticking on the little pink circles was marvellous fun. I tried drawing the plants and ended up squishing all the plants into the corners and leaving a gaping hole in the middle of the bed. It’s eight metres long and about three and a half metres wide at the central point, so there will be a lot of swapping and sorting when I actually have the plants on the blank canvas. Wish it was going to just as easy to buy the plants, grow some from seed, create enough weed suppressing bark chip mulch and actually get the flowers into the ground.

Off to visit a garden tomorrow: Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire, so that may inspire. And I am hoping they have some bare root fruit trees that are not so large I will have to send them unaccompanied luggage on the train.

And a belated thank you to Sarah for telling me the closest colour of the olives from our trees. Cadmium green light. And that reminds me, have to give them the daily change of salty water. Tedious task, but not as bad as other jobs in the fruit garden.