Let them eat figs

Well the forest creatures are creeping ever down the mountain when the weather turns. The cheeky deer were eating figs off the tree when I came up the drive today. Broad daylight and having a wonderful time. I spooked two of them and they shot off into the forest, but still. Good thing I made my pots of fig jam before they scoffed the lot.

I only had about ten minutes in the garden when I arrived. Just time to heel in the fruit trees I bought near Valence this afternoon (a nectarine and an apricot) to keep them safe until I dig holes to plant them properly, and grab some vegetables. But in the failing light I can see that Nicolas seems to have almost finished the wall. Hopefully he will have a flurry this week and get the steps started too. I imagine I have just about exhausted my advance money I lent him for his tractor which is a shame. I’d love a garden slave for the winter. But failing anyone else, it will have to be me.