Working the chestnut fields

1sticks in forestSome people have orderly chestnut forests. Trees spaced evenly apart, the ground underneath weeded and neat and easy to reach the nuts that fall from the trees.

And then there is our chestnut forest.

Oh boy.  Trying to reclaim these acres of chestnuts on the steep terraces above our house which have been neglected for about fifty years takes some sorting.

We often go up in winter for an afternoon of wood work.

There are dead branches and whole trees to cut down. And an endless forest of sticks and debris to sort out. 09chestnutinforestvertical

By sort out, I mean to select the ones that are the most suitable for chipping.  And then pile them up. Grab a large tarpaulin, and drag them down the hill.

1snow againRight now they have to go a long way down to the stables.

But the view from this forest is so marvellous, you can take lots of breaks and enjoy the snow on the hills of the mountains all around.

And it takes your mind off the huge loads of sticks you are dragging through the snow.