Wood chucks

Well gardening it aint. We seemed to have spent the day lobbing logs. Fenning guesses we threw about two and a half tonnes of wood down from the forest. What’s depressing is that it looks such a small pile. I have tried photographing it from every angle to make it look HUGE. But there it is. We all worked steadily and rhythmically and in small increments down they came.

Now they are being stacked in the calabert for a season. And while the lads were doing some creative piling we went to the herb garden to give it a good tidy. Looks ready for the winter now. And ready for me to plant more bulbs. The mole has made so many holes down near the rose bush that he or she has pushed up a few of my precious allium purple sensation bulbs.

A foray into the cabbage patch to remove dead leaves and then we collected a perfect little savoy cabbage for dinner plus a huge bunch of cavallo nero leaves. Goes perfectly with pork chops. And we had to find something to decorate all those cuttings of sage that came out of the herb tidy.