Tomato harvest

Big harvest day today. Following a lap around the vegetable garden with Nicolas yesterday I now have a plan of action. I need to harvest all the tomatoes; bring in the ripe and semi ripe and hang up the green ones in the shed. It’;s time to harvest the pumpkin, get the grass seeds (for the lawn) up to the shed so he can find it and use it. And generally put the vegetable garden to bed.

I realise that I have never taken a photo of Nicolas – he is always on the move. But here is a shot of him testing his walls.

Yesterday I pulled up one of the bean tripods. And managed to bring in another kilo of juicy greens. And last night we had the very last of the aubergines. Grilled in the oven with the pork chops. We still have peppers aplenty, endless cabbages and the season of Swiss chard is about to be launched.

And here is the fruit of all that work. Took ages pulling them up, prising off the green ones (now hiding in paper bags with obligatory banana in dark place) and taking the biggest plants up to the potting shed. Apparently they will ripen if left upside down. We shall see.

The day warmed up. But on went the compost and the bins are now full of the green stuff. I was thinking of covering the bins with a clear plastic cover. But when I plunged my hands into the already full bin it was toasty and steaming and doing quite nicely on its own thank you very much. I shall leave well alone and let nature and grubs do their work.

Didn’t want to come inside, but as there was a sunset lurking over my shoulder, well, time was up for another trip.