Wisteria for wall covering

I have just farewelled another group of house guests. So from tomorrow I shall be back to gardening and posting news. And doing yoga and physio exercises and walking around the mountain in the very early morning.


This afternoon is devoted to either furiously laundering sets and sets of sheets and towels, clearing out the fridge, moving the vases of flowers down to the house…. or lolling about eating leftovers and listening to podcasts.

Apart from the flowers you can guess what I am up to.

It has been a long ten days.

In the meantime…

The wisteria that grows in front of our house is doing its job both in front and now up the sides.

I have been training it up another floor so that it covers my shutters on the French windows of my office.

I just held off pruning the long tendrils that the small wisteria throws out each growing season.

I plaited them up and then hauled them up to the deck.

[pause here while I swear and curse that my new laptop resolutely refuses to let me share my pictures onto the site. I am SO over this new machine. It is not behaving. The old one is coming back next week]

It was either that or repoint one huge wall of the house.

And we all prefer some elegantly tamed wisteria rather than yet more stone and gorgeous mortar.

Actually the people who have done all our stone and mortar work have retired.

So wisteria it is.

Best of all I can have the door open from the inside and enjoy the bees going at the nectar.

So as long as I keep it slightly better behaved in future it’s a winner.