The wall, completed

This will be quick. I have a worm tablet to try and shove down Madame’s throat.

Actually she is so greedy and sweetly gullible, that if I put a handful of her favourite dry cat food in my hand with the glaringly white pill mixed in… she wolfs the lot. As long as she is perched on my lap and I am lavishing affection.


But before I attend to matters wormy, here are the final pictures of the wall.

The grape vines have bedded in.

The euphorbia rigida plants are spaced below the olive and the mimosa.

And everything looks as if it has been there forever.

The best type of hard landscaping.

And yes, the eagle eyed among you will notice that I have yet to remove that soil from the front which is now romping away with bindweed.

I just need a spot of time to sit with my bucket and trowel and get it done.

And pray the boar do not come this close to the house and rummage in that mulch.