Where am I? Who am I?

carlas garden shotI woke early this morning with one of those – who am I and where am I? moments.  But the good news was I remembered that I was at our farm in France and I’m a gardener. So that’s great.

There has been a bit too much travelling his past week. London, Newcastle (well, the luxurious Jesmond Dene House Hotel) and now here.

I arrived yesterday afternoon after two long weeks away and I was in a dither what to do first. Apart from water.  We have had not one drop of rain in the entire time. And it has been in the 27C, 28s.  (I think 80F) with blazing sunshine all the way.

Great when you have a hose trained on the plants, not so great when you are in another country. wildflower pickking

But I think Elodie has been a few times to water as the potager is not suffering too much.  It looks a picture. And in fact this is one of Carla’s pictures for the photo shoot.

She is away in Italy this week and I want to get permission from her for using the photo first. So I will post this temporarily along with the languid action shot of me picking flowers. Just a sample.  They are just gorgeous.

I’ll leave the blog here and go and do something useful like put the hose away. It’s actually cool and damp here today (typical!) but that bodes well for a big session of strimming later this afternoon.

First up I need to pick flowers for Elodie and Manu at the market.  So happy to be back.