When paths collide

Potager path 2I’m having no luck whatsoever with my pictures in these blogs. They keep slipping down the text and threatening to fall into the next post.   So here we go again.   The paths in the potager are taking shape Two down, two to go. Plus the annoyingly tricky round bit which Nicolas is masochistically putting off until last.

We even had that amazing end of project conversation where we discussed what plants to put right up against the walls to hide the weedproof fabric.   Creeping thymes may be the best idea, or a prostate rosemary plus assorted herbs.   But I don’t feel quite ready to go and buy plants just yet.   That might be a new year treat. potater path details

My jobs today are going to stay determedly outdoors. This amazing weather cannot last.   So I will get to with my chipping. I went up into the forest earlier this week to collect suitable sticks to shove into the shredder and layer on the calabert path that is only have mulched.

For chippingAnd then I really ought to do more rock work.   But I can’t leave this very brown scene on this page without showing just how amazing the autumn colours are this year.   This is the viburnum that broods just outside the house.   Oh, yes, and it I am really really good, I might be able to finish weeding the strawberries.viburnum colour