Wall projects

east garden rock wallDoes one never cease? I’m already plotting a new project for Nicolas’ wall building skills. Even though I don’t have the worker or the funds.   Nicolas is injured, and my coffers are bare.   But I have taken the before shots just to remind myself that this needs doing.

We have so many small walls that are perfectly finished and fetching.   And three that aren’t.

Two of them are located just at the front of the house when you drive up.   And if you are fussing about kerb appeal (and I do) then it doesn’t set the right tone.

The wall that holds up all the lilac, grasses, sedums and asters here in the east part of the garden is a ramshackle affair.   It was held up for years by the ivy and vinca and mystery rock plants which have a lovely white flower in spring. I made the mistake of trying to weed out the brambles one day; and the whole lot fell down. before under wisteria wall

My hastily built wall is a mess. And a constant reminder that I Could Do Better.   But I haven’t.   And this is compounded by the fact that the little bed underneath the huge wisteria plant (tree? climber? bush?) is crying out for a redesign.

It will have to wait.   So watch this space.