Turning the morning air blue

path strimmingIn space no one can hear you scream. On an isolated farm no one can hear you swear at the strimmer.  Well that was the thought I had as I turned the air blue with cussing first thing this morning.

Twas most frustrating. By the time you have climbed into your harness, gloves and helmet (most vibrantly orange) you really want to get going on some heroic persuit.

It started up first go as usual, and I nipped along Alice’s path getting the weeds into order and turning them into sward.  But it conked out just as I was launching myself onto the pool steps.

And no matter what I did (and yes, I did clean the filter and all that sort of stuff) it would not go again.

The painful thing is that I only have the early morning to get strimming done as it’s too warm a job later in the day.  So I missed my window today. And tomorrow is Thursday which is market day, so that’s out.  Watch this space to see if I get round to it again this week.