Too hot for crops

shallotsNo don’t get your hopes up. I’m still in my urban plumage; in London. Being good and working on the screen stories.  But not playing in the potting shed.

Which is where I’d rather be.

There a huge high pressure system sitting all over Europe right now. And that means glorious stable and warm weather.  My crops in the potting shed are either thriving. Or shrivelling.

I’m reliant on the kindness of my friend Elodie’s father who will beetle over to our farm to see what is parched and what needs nurturing.

That was this week, but I am away one week more.  So I’ll go back to find things looking very lush or very dead.

That’s part time gardening for you.  Frustrations and yearnings and wishing I was there every morning to mist and water and sow more seeds.