The up-cycled office

I didn’t forget. I just buried the pictures under a load of house moving stuff.

Here is the almost but not quite complete office.

No, wait. Wrong rug!

It’s a tricky colour on a tricky tiled floor.

I did hang some treasured busy green curtains… but they have to be changed to plain white linen so the rug doesn’t have a colour fight in the room.

I have yet to put up the pictures.

And yes, that chipboard (plus insulation panels hastily shoved in) hides a future fabulous set of French windows which will lead out to the little terrace.

But here you go.

I’m thrilled with the sensible desk that was once a barn door.

I just realised that I didn’t show you the gory details of the renovation job I did on the door.

It was definitely an outside job. And I had to resort to a sander.

I had rather hoped to just scrape it off the old fashioned way.

And the first thing I did was to reassemble my cabinet of curiosities.

Which in my case is porcelain. From Russia, Britain and France.

A whole lot of my life story on every shelf.

And speaking of which….

All my diaries are slowly being hauled out of boxes and placed on display.

Remind me to chase the carpenter when I get back. He did promise the windows before 2022.