The smallest wall

1wall beforeA gloriously sunny day; way too lovely for Christmas when we should be huddling around a fire and not daring to go out.

But what could be better than doing what we seem to do endlessly on this mountain farm?  Wall building.

And this one, being festive and we really have a lot of cooking and eating to do, is the smallest and most modest of all.

Lauren came to help and we whipped it up in no time.1wall during

A quick go with the mattock to dig out a small channel, and the then scrabble about for some decent small rocks to make a wall.

I actually wanted to link the serious stone wall from the track above the orchard to the plum bank. Where once a magnificent wall once stood.

It is one layer high. No more. And eventually, over the course of the year, when I come across flat stones, I shall add another layer.

1wall afterBut for now. A simple single stagger of stones.

If you squint you can see that Artur joined us for the festivities. But I refuse to take any more pictures of him this week. He has Been Monopolising. As usual.

Merry Christmas to you all.