The photo round up

The photo round up

December 23rd, 2014

2shade garden decemberYou can’t tell, but I’m running around like mad indoors today.  House guests for Christmas, hurrah.

But it does mean that I cannot mooch outdoors for any meaningful work.

Instead I get to gaze and gaze and snap pictures instead. 1barn garde decemberAnd as I walk back and forth from the house, through the barn and up to the potting shed, this is where my lens has taken me.

We are having a mild December. Plants growth is slowing, but it’s not frozen and snowy and impossible to work the ground.

Some years I well remember not being able to get one’s fork into the frozen ground.  But this year I can even dig the carrots and parsnips without having to wait for a thaw.

1patching the gapI thought you might like to see the novel use of leftover chestnut fence posts.

Here is the gap in the bank from last year’s flood. Massive erosion; and I have to find a way to shore up the soil that is left.

So three upright posts, and then I have just been building up behind with all the chestnut posts that have too many bits of trailing wire to be decently recycled.

A vigorous raking of all the leaves in the vicinity to start to fill the gap and it looks almost natural again.  I must get the uprights reduced in height when the chain saw is unleashed this Christmas. That will tidy the whole look up utterly.