The right plant at last

sedum potsSeven years.  I have had these four planters at the edge of the courtyard for a long, long time.  They make a tidy full stop between the edge fo the courtyard, the dining area under the vines and the edge of the potager.

They have been painted endlessly (currently grey) and planted up endlessly.

I have tried nasturtiums (stunning for a few weeks but very demanding of water), early tulips and later bulbs, but things always disappointed. Dessicated gladdies are not a fetching look.  I like a low maintenance pot. Especially as I usually forget to water here.

And at long, long last I have cracked it.

It may not be the most showy of plants in spring and summer; but you can’t beat a sedum for stunning late summer and autumn displays.

Actually I like green foliage in a plant. And the succulent leaves are very pleasing. sedum top bank

Over time I’m trying my best to propagate as many of these sedums as I can. Andrew gave me these Sedum Carl plants. And new divisions are growing away merrily on the bank behind the potting shed.

They don’t bulk out in the same way one would in a higher rainfall garden. And no need to worry about flopping plants from too quick a growth in too lush a soil.

No. They live up to their name here. Stone Crop.