The pitiful pile

Lunchtime and I don’t feel I have achieved any grand projects yet. Up early to check on neighbours’ house. It is still standing to my relief. And then back to do bits of things. I have moved most of the soil from the excavated trench above the gite. It has gone to the new future stipa bed just behind the pool wall. But it isn’t easy. Just the navigating with the wheelbarrow down the banks and onto the right spot is hard. Twice I managed to upend the wheelbarrow full of soil into the wrong spot. Half burying one of my just sown stipa beds. But that’s gravity for you. And living on a slope. I am girding my loins for the next barrow load. I’m going to be cautious and go the long way round.

A bit of salvia propagating, some stipa sowings. These are the activities which I am doing between loads of stones and soil. I want to take more Agastache cuttings. But each and every one has a flower on the end. Too prolific and vibrant. The stipa seeds seem to disappear onto the landscape. Makes me realise just how many plants it’s going to take to cover this bank. But we need plants to stabilise this area. So much of the topsoil slipped down onto the lawn in the flash flood. I have perhaps planted (or stuck) the seedlings a bit close. Will do remedial work in a few days time.

End of day end of stone work. Gad am I glad that’s over. Annoyingly it looks such a small and pitiful pile now that its tidily out of the way. Still, one tidy section of the garden is no bad thing. Now we can sow grass seeds on this lovely bare patch of future lawn.