The lurking verbascums

Putting off the strimming for a bit by doing chores. But really it’s the perfect autumn weather for donning helmet, heavy boots, long trousers, long sleeve shirt and getting stuck in. I can hear the hunting dogs baying at something in the forest to the east. And it reminds me that I really should just pop up into the forest and check that girolle mushroom spot. I fancy some mushrooms with my omelette for lunch.

Pool much cleaner. One week of hard work and the pump has done its job. Relief.

Well, what do you know? One of those apple trees on the third terrace down is not that bad. Tart definitely, but it could be a decent cooking apple. Or maybe I was so desperate to stop the coughing from the pollen that it slaked my thirst. I was wondering why I thought I was coming down with a cold. Sore throat. But now I realise. It’s a reaction from all the Verbascum pollen I’m inhaling when I strim.

This is hot work but I can see some sort of programme. Strim down the worst of the weeds. And those Verbascum towers are just like mini saplings. Then strim the grass and mess (lots of brambles) to reveal any hidden objects like fallen stones and sticks. And finally go over it with the mower set very high. And bingo – a terrace to be proud of. Shame there are about twenty of the darn things. But if we put the work in this year and develop areas that can be got at with the lawn mower (mulching blade) then it won’t get this bad again next year. And you can see where the lurking Verbascum plants are for next year.