The lesser spotted aggie

first agapanthusNow all the Australian readers will laugh, but I have been at these agapanthus for three years no. Trying to get them to flower.

I know you use agapanthus as ground cover and treat with a touch of disdain. They are so ordinary in Sydney gardens.

But these are the first flowers I have seen in mine.

For a few years now I have been admiring the strappy foliage and just wondering if anything more would happen.

And glory be, this July they have finally decided to throw up flower spikes. aggies flowering

It’s a bit of a shame the pale blue does clash somewhat with the more strident colours of the lavender beside them. But I’m not complaining! And I don’t dare move them again.

They have gone from pot to ground and are obviously happy where they are in the barn garden. I have six plants.

The reason why they have been in pots is we really are too cold here in winter to leave them in the ground. So I have been uprooting them. I think this year I will just mulch them very heavily and hope for the best.