Seven years lucky

calabrese ripeMy first ever successful crop of calabrese. That’s supermarket brocolli to you.

This year I have been able to sow the seeds, prick them out, pot them up in size thrice and get them into the garden with a smooth succession of good timing and patience.

I find most of the brassicas can really sulk in their pots if they aren’t moved up and into more space quickly.  So it only took seven years of trying.

These are some of the brassicas I planted up at the top vegetable garden (rarely seen as it’s not aesthetically pleasing).  And there is an underground spring which waters the plants beautifully. first calabrese

All I have to do is protect them from the cabbage moth butterfly, done with nets.  And if I really had the time, I’d pick off the little red bugs which have chomped the leaves. But I don’t have that much time.  I’m too busy beaming with pride that I have monster cabbage at last.

Now where are my secateurs?  I’m starving.