The end of summer

shed.JPGA Tony day. So we now have all the compost from the big ugly bin moved to the lower potager. And we now have a potting shed. Well, almost. interior-potting-shed.jpgTony dug out heaps more soil and laid down the pallets to make a stable floor. Sadly these are the super stinky ones from the original shed. So they reek of chook. Must be on the lookout for abandoned pallets from now on. 13-compost-bin-after-1.JPGHopefully Bernard can add building a floor to his long list of chores at the house. And I need to paint it; I’ve done half of it already. But it is certainly taking shape. We also had the pool cover arrive so relief all round.  looking-toward-pottings-shed.JPG

One last hoe of the weeds on the top potager in the evening light. It definitely feels like the end of summer today. Not a summer when much was planted: but at least we can say that phase one is complete. No more chicken wire, no more brambles (for now), the plots have been laid out and the garden is staring to stake shape. The ground is cleared and ready for the September planting.  before-chicken-shed.jpg No planting before the 15th of September I am admonished. Well, that is fine. I have just two weeks to come up with some plans. Two weeks to get back to London and tackle the very neglected garden there. Two weeks to try and work out how to sort the watering system at the potagers, collect yet more books on garden design, and return with vigour to the new life as a gardener.