The downside of wild

Calabert garden beforeWildflower gardens: you only see them in their glory. This is the downside of such exhubertant unchecked growth. It has taken me two days and three towering wheelbarrow loads of compost matter to get this teensy bit of garden tamed.   Well, it’s six metres long; but not really a large volume of space.   And I guess you could say it’s tedious work as I insist on collecting all the seed. Calabert garden Aug

There were cornflowers and poppies and all sorts of goodies in here. And now I’m left with just a few peacock orchids (oh, alright, acidanthera murielae) and even they aren’t flowering. I need more plants. I need to learn about proper successional sowing. I need more time!

calabert bulbsOne side has too many bulbs and the waving drifts of gaura that I sowed this spring and planted out hhasn’t quite knitted in yet. The nerines are titchy and may not even come up, and I yearn for crocosmia lucifer just to wow this part of the garden up.   What to do? Drink my tea, stop moaning and go and read a book. Preferably a gardening one that will teach me how to do this properly. Calabert garden Aug 1