Minor gardening

IMG_9086Well it’s a bit of a pattern. I can squeeze in about an hour or two of gardening in the morning, but that’s it. House guests galore, meals galore and I’m trying to work on the paid job in the afternoon.   Fear not, if you are reading this John, the film project is coming along nicely! IMG_9092

I’ve been preoccupied about flowers of late. And plants in general. Greed and the need to clothe parts of this garden with colour.   So I’ve been propagating most mornings.   Yesterday I took a few dozen nepeta cuttings, sowed clary sage seeds and today I’ll try and get more gaura to propagate.   And maybe more santolina?  I have around twenty titchy little cuttings that came through – but I just don’t know how vigorously they grow.   In quiet moments I click onto the Pepinere Filippi website and drool. IMG_9093