Task mastered

lilac bed weeded augWell if you were checking daily you would have had baited breath. Did she, did she weed the lilac bed? Indeed I did; albeit a day late.

That’s the sort of thing that happens in this heat. You spend all your precious gardening hours (before 10am) watering. And not getting round to other chores. But it’s done. And if I remember to go and get the plant food next time I’m up in the potting shed, the whole task will be mastered.

The lilac throws up suckers everywhere. So that’s was fun getting each and every blighter out. (I missed two, can see them in the picture.) lilac weeded

And then I decided it was well nigh time to do what I call the east gite wall. Way, way back in April I promised to get this cleared. No time like a woman wielding secateurs. Up I went and out it came.

Now this won’t show you the detail. But there were plenty of baby brambles, tendrils of ivy, wretched perriwinkle. And other assorted weeds up here. Now that it’s tidy I have no idea what to do with it. Some scented shrubs level with the guest bedroom window would be ideal. But I have already killed an expensive daphne here. Not an acid loving plant methinks. And there is a chance that this whole area will be excavated if we are going to put in proper drainage around the exterior of the guest house. So I shall not leap in here just yet.east gite garden weeded

Right, time to mooch and eat grapes. Job done.