Sward fighting

This is the first time in months I haven’t needed a cap to mow.   It’s cool and blustery today, no risk of sunburn, and the grass is rather rampant and in need of a mow.

As I store the mower in the stables down by the orchard, that’s the first place I start. And it’s a happy job to cut the grass and make good use of the clippings.   They go onto the thick piles of mulch around each fruit tree.

The next recipient is the thyme bank below the plum trees. There are some worrying weeds pushing up through the mulch.   So on went the contents of about five mowing grass catchers; and here’s hoping that will do the trick this winter.

I cut the grass on the verges beside the road, and then decided to venture onto the first terrace below the road.

You can’t see if from the photo, but it’s a thicket of young verbascum seedlings. Most annoying. I’ve cut the heads off, but this winter I need a really good session with a sharp knife to cut off the tap roots of each plant. Tedious work, but it’s the only way to slow the darn weeds down.

The wind was picking up so I decided not to put in a marathon session. I’ll leave the main lawn and the edges of the soft fruit orchard for tomorrow.   But I’m pleased that all the clippings have a home. I’m going to mulch the entire lavender bank with all grass to form a weedproof cover that will hopefully settle down over the winter months and form a dense mat in the spring.

Indoors I have only one job.   Sorting chestnuts.   I shan’t pick any more this season.   The fridge is bulging with sacks of the nuts. A perfect in front of the fire and whisky by the side job.