Bulbs, at last

Finally. I have some bulbs in the ground.

It may not look like it; but there are 20 Abu Hassan tulips in this half barrel.   You are just distracted by the thicket of euphorbia and verbena planting on the top.

I was too. I had to part the plants like I was searching for head lice (sorry) and get a planter in between and sink one of my lovely new bulbs.

It was a whole lot easier doing the four wooden planters up in the courtyard. I had already emptied the nasturtium compost out and replaced the soil with a mix of home made compost and floragard. Gorgeous.

In went Purissima, Abu Hassan, Mt Tacoma and Merry Go Round varieties. Five bulbs each. So if all goes well, it will be a colourful display.

And there is a chance it will be the only place in the garden not dug up by moles.

Goodness they are active right now.   I have done a row of Purissima in the potager – right on the edge of the top left quadrant. I have no idea if the wretched creatures will burrow underneath them, but I must expect the worst.

So the more I can get into pots instead of open ground the merrier.   I haven’t had any burrowings in the little bed underneath the wisteria bed.   There’s room only for the box balls here.

I was pleased to see how rich the soil is under the mulch; plenty of worms too.   So in went around 25 Mt Tacoma tulips (green and white) and I held off dreaming of anything else under here.   I learnt my lesson.   This is a hard bed to please.   So evergreen box, tulips and that’s it.

And what of Artur you might ask.   He has been very demanding of his lap time in the potting shed.   It’s windy outside, and the chestnuts are still thudding to the ground overhead.   It’s no fun for a small cat to be caught out with those deadly weapons about.

So each time I have ventured in – to pick up gloves, or a bulb planter – I hear the familiar yowl.   That means, stop what you are doing, head to the chaise longue and await delivery of a very happy purring cat. How can one resist?