Surreal start

This is all so confusing. Up this morning and what do I see when I open the shutters? Grey sky.   And is that rain? Well it’s drizzle actually, but that is still a thrill.   Rain had been predicted for about a weeek now and I feard there was going to be yet another adjustment of the forecast.   But it’s here even if paltry. So there was not much to do but get a pot of tea, find a two day old newspaper and go back to bed and pretend this was normal.

I lasted about ten minutes and then had to get up to satisfy my curiosity.   Out to the rain gauge just to see: break out the bubbly we’ve had 2mm of rain. Barely enough to wet the ground.   And this is the first in six weeks.

Ah well, maybe more might happen later in the day.   I shall zip to town and do groceries and pray for more.   And readjust my To Do list accordingly.