Summer flowers

There now. Something more attractive to gaze upon today. One can have a surfeit of dirt. And mulch. Well, I will inflict mulch shots on you later this week. I have done another raid on the depot and had a lovely time in the Dry Garden tending to plants.

But today it’s just flowers for the market like this.

And this.

The basket gets so heavy on Thursday, market day, that I now do it in two trips. Sunday is now my day to nip up early and meet Manou and Isabelle at the Sunday Farmer’s Market in the cafe.

Then I can pop round to the butcher’s and if needed, the boulangerie for their two bouquets too.

Naturally there is a nefarious purpose to this Sunday drive. Madame doesn’t do a 45 minute round trip to town without a visit to the mulch pile at the depot. Just me, 20 Ikea bags and a wild dog or cat coming by to inspect.  No curtain twitchers or employees to inquire.

I’m sure you would rather see flowers than read the weekly confession of the mulch thief.

And here is my favourite bouquet of all.

Believe it or not the flowers I am most passionate about come from the Dry Garden. New plants for me. Ballota hirsuta is the long tall spike, and the yellow are the beautiful achillea coarctica.

Not cut flower plants. Just clever little ground covers (the achillea) and a handsome shrub. And the wonderful Choiysia Aztec Pearl.

Is that right? Coarctata. I had to dive into my new garden book.  And I was so taken with the new book smell that I just inhaled deeply and lost the plot.

Lost the plot of this blog. Alack. too busy for that. I need to attend to a moth that is in the house and needs a thorough inspection by our lovely house guests.

I was going to wax on about the rudbeckias which are finally back and thriving in the garden. I have had so much trouble germinating these flowers in recent years.

Doing a good job in the potager in between the aubergines.

Okay, to the moth. Eight year olds can’t wait.