Strimmed sunshine

strimmed sunshineNoon. High noon.  Time to collapse onto the sofa and wonder if it’s too early for lunch.

I’ve done half the top terrace. About an acre I suppose. Brambles, broom and lots and lots of long grass.

It looks a picture. But you can’t see from the blazing sunshine right now.

The best bit was the cool area under the shade of the tall top wall.

Lots of trees, lots of shade and it was a blessed relief after the open prairie of the lower bit. strimmed top terrace

I suspect it’s where deer snooze – a lot of the long grass was stamped down into comfortable squishy shapes. A bit like the deer equivalent of bean bags.

I wouldn’t have minded having a morning snooze here as well. It’s perfect. And a great view through the trees onto the mountains beyond.

One day I will have the leisure to do just that.  But for now it’s strimming and battling brambles.