Multi purpose vehicle

wheelbarrowNo wonder it’s called the wheelbarrow.  I put the car to good use early this evening.  I had spent a few good hours chipping all the branches I had stockpiled in the parking area.  They are going onto the shade garden area and I’m short of sticks.

So I needed to collect more branches.  They are way down on the lower terraces near the vineyard. So I decided to cheat by bringing the car down the road and filling the boot with booty.

Well, it’s a station wagon, it’s all boot. Especially as I removed all the seats first.

I had to wait until the evening before I plodded down as it was so warm again today.  So a bit of stick dragging when the temperature relented a bit was perfect. And I want to have some ready for chipping tomorrow. east garden asters

Naturally I’ll be strimming first thing. I have the rest of the top terrace to do first up.  And then once the sun leaves this part of the garden I can haul out the chipper and keep on making mulch.

And here is a shot of the asters looking fetching in the lilac bed.  The sedum Autumn Joy are just about to flower, but actually I prefer their green state.  The pink can look so pale and washed out by the time they actually colour up.