Strawberry heaven

after strawberriesI almost broke into a trot to get indoors and tick this mighty chore off my long list. The strawberries are done. Not only weeded, but I have planted fifteen more of the little blighters to delight our palettes this year or next.

A distant view of the before shot shows not only grasses, but if you put on your specs you would see clover, brambles, that strange plant that bleeds yellow sap, dying fern fronds, and of course, stinging nettles.   All vying for space in between the strawberry plants. before strawberries

So down I went onto my kneeler pad and knee protectors, out came the gloves and up they all came. Laboriously, tediously; and accompanied by some rather choice swear words when recalcitrance impeded progress.

after strawberries 1By the end of the long row I was almost prone on my side trying to ignore aches and pains.   And that probably explains the stinging nettle attack on my right arm way up near the fig tree.   Yes, there is a small fig tree in amongst all this. A baby (brown turkey variety) that came through the winter unscathed  – probably because it was so wrapped around by fern fronds and brambles.

And the clematis is in thick and vibrant health next to the grape vine. All looking marvellous until all the darn weeds start to grow and it will be back to the start.