A gentle netting

netting on beansI have found last year’s large net and draped it over the bean section of my vegetable bed. It isn’t much of a deterrent (is that how it’s spelt? It looks like deodorant if you squint) against deer, but it might baffle them slightly en route to the juicier parts of the plant.   All the peas are coming up with a very successful germination rate. And my broad beans are poking out of the mulch. Tomorrow I really must get onto those sticks for chipping and covering against the weed invasion.

All the cloches are back in place at the very front of the vegetable bed.   From the bottom, two cloches of broad beans, one of last years swiss chard and lettuce, then the next is empty waiting for either salad or aubergines (I haven’t decided which) and the top cloche houses beetroot and radish, sprouting happily. broad beans tucked up

wood to moveAnd oh look, here’s an exciting chore: we have dismantled the chestnut log fence between our boundary and the duck pond next door.   No need for it now that everything is so pristine behind the fence.   All I need to do is load up about seventeen wheelbarrow loads and place the nicely seasoned logs in the wood store.   Strap me up and let me at ’em.